Word salad powers

I really like a lot of ideas  on Dunkey Halton's blog. I'm rather fond of the Adventure Points idea, for example. However, I know from experience that sometimes you don't really know what you want your character to be - which sucks if you're a player in a campaign that is going to use Adventure Points.

So I figured, what if I used groups of, say, three random words (there are plenty of generators online) and try to work those into a power/thing for a character. Which, in turn, would grant some idea as to what kind of douchebag person would have those powers and/or things. Obviously, some word combinations are easier to use than others (and some are plain unusable), but still, this allows me to combine two things that I like: Dunkey Halton's Adventure Points and random generators.

I present you with some examples below. If you like the characters and would like to use them as PCs or NPCs or whatever either as-is or in modified form, feel free to do so.

Flumbar the Factor

  • The Remarkable Draining Squeal (words: drain, squeal, remarkable) - once a day, Flumbar can perform a horrid wailing squeal that steals life force from Flumbar's opponents, damaging them and healing Flumbar.
  • Bright Overconfident Purple (words: bright, overconfident, purple) - clothes of an outrageously bright shade of purple. While these are a giveaway in a crowd, they're also enchanted as to make the wearer impervious to mind-affecting magic.
  • Steam Laborer of Marble (words: steam, marble, laborer) - a steam powered automaton, the outer surface of which is decorated with marble. The automaton is capable of performing simple physical tasks when so instructed.
  • Box of Dashing Mice (words: mice, dashing, box) - a box that can once per day magically produce 1d6 mice. The mice are unusually intelligent and brave and will attempt to follow any instructions given by the owner of the box. The mice disappear at sunrise, but new ones can be summoned immediately.


  • The Twig of Anger Holes (words: anger, twig, hole) - a wand that allows you to blast holes in your opponents. Pure and simple. Could also be a weird name for a gun, I suppose.
  • The Box of the Noiseless Craven (words: noiseless, box, craven) - a box containing magical powder that when inhaled muffles sounds made by the user. This one's kinda meh, but there you have it.
  • Writing of the Vengeful Frame (words: vengeful, writing, frame) - Zorblax can make a runic inscription on items. Anyone attempting to tamper with them will be trapped in a painfully constricting frame of magical energies.
  • Learned Childlike Draconian (words: learned, childlike, draconian) - I guess Zorblax owns a small (but ancient and well-read) dragon-like familiar or some such? Pocket wyvern, anyone?

Ace E. Deesy

  • The Correct Double Guitar (words: double, correct, guitar) - one of those two-necked guitars, except this one is very easy to play. Oh, and once per day it lets you verify whether someone is being truthful if you jam out a wicked tune.
  • Overflowing Volatile Weather (words: overflow, volatile, weather) - once per day Z can cause a localized rainstorm. (Presumably by being metal enough on the Correct Double Guitar.)
  • Material of Decisive Shame (words: material, shame, decisive) - a powder that can be put thrown onto someone (so that they inhale it) or mixed into a drink. Either way, it causes them to start running around, hallucinate, strip naked, shout gibberish and generally act in ways that they will regret in the morning.
  • Lamp of the Shivering Spark (words: shivering, lamp, spark) - a bizarre lamp that emits light via a bluish spark. This spark if touched to a living being causes them pain and damage. (Basically a sort of magical taser of sorts.)

Ginger Lemons

  • Serious Legal Print (words: legal, print, serious) - a mindbogglingly complex legal document that can be used to prove you're in the right in any judicial situation (if you're enough of a quick-talker, anyway).
  • Puzzling Glass Attack (words: attack, puzzling, glass) - a magical spell which launches dozens of glass shards at a target.
  • The Hard Therapeutic Cup (words: therapeutic, cup, hard) - a cup which instills any liquid poured in it with healing properties. It's also hard, I guess? Perhaps it's ceramic, but behaves as if it was metal?
  • Riddle of the Wild Cough (words: wild, cough, riddle) - a spell that sends an opponent (or a group of weaker ones) into debilitating fits of coughing.