The Murderhobos and the Abandoned City, Session 2

(Murderhobos return! Different adventurers and only one recurring player, but same (persistent) location.)

Dramatis Personae

 Unow - a brave but unfortunate Fighter. (Deceased.)
Oci - Unow's brother, who was bound to meet up with him, but ended up replacing him in the party. (Second character for Unow's player.)
Ausencija - a Cleric of a rather ruthless and violent disposition.
Amir - a polite Magic User with a penchant for carrying numerous daggers.

 What went on

The new party - Unow, Ausencija and Amir - were not debtors like the first one. They also chose to enter through the third floor entrance and proceeded to somehow pick one of the emptiest and most boring paths possible. Eventually, however, they came upon a room containing three orcs - cast outs, formerly of the Cattle Skull tribe, hiding in the abandoned city from their former tribesorcs. While initially intending to fight them, the orcs, observing that these are not pursuers from their former tribe offered parley.  While having the option to gain the orcs as followers, the party opted instead to just let them be in exchange for some information about the layout of the level.

Using the knowledge acquired from the orcs, the party came into a room with an ornate gate leading somewhere - which they immediately proceeded to strip of precious alloy decorations. Then they opened the gate and followed a corridor leading down a ramp to a large cavernous space. As they entered the cavern, they were attacked by a pair of wyverns and chose to retaliate. After a tail spike skewered Unow, Amir and Ausencija quickly retreated back to the corridor, the entrance of which proved too small for the wyverns. Just in case, they pelted the beasts with oil and torches, setting them on fire.* One wyvern burned to a crisp, but one managed to extinguish the flames and retreated.

After brief deliberation the remaining duo returned to the expedition site, picking up Unow's twin brother Oci** there and trading away the metal from the gate. They used some of the new funds to stock up on more oil and torches and went back to hunt down the remaining wyvern. Accosting the wyvern they managed to douse it with oil and set on fire once again, and then pelted the panicked beast with Oci's arrows and Amir's thrown daggers. Ausencija used the wyverns distraction to look for some of the previously lost gear and Unow's body - which was gone and there were evident signs of it having been dragged away.

After finishing off the wyvern with only minor damage to themselves, the party collected Amir's daggers and the fangs (for trophies) off the wyvern corpses. At this time we stopped the game, but it's very likely that the party will wish to investigate the disappearance of Unow's body.

* I am aware that this would not really work. It's special alchemical oil that does work that way in my setting and is as widespread as regular oil is in our world. I just like the trope of setting things on fire too much.
** Unow/Oci's player was a first timer. We had an idea for the twin brother trying to meet the deceased character as an excuse to save him time for re-rolling stats (there was modification of inventory, though) and getting back into play quickly. Also, the players were willing to roleplay the whole "seeing previously dead friend suddenly alive" bit, so we stuck with it.