City defenses generator table

For all your city defense needs. Roll d10 for each table.

Fortifications & defenses

(from here)
  1. Transparent dome of unknown material (gets stifling in hot weather)
  2. Seemingly conventional walls & towers (actually hasty mock-ups built in hopes of discouraging an attacker)
  3. Magically grown wall of semi-sentient trees that attempt to swipe at attackers with branches
  4. Colossal golems link arms around the city, will attempt to stomp on attackers
  5. A conventional castle on the most vulnerable edge of the town
  6. Simple palisade fort
  7. No walls, but closely placed towers of varying styles and colors
  8. Maze-like system of rounded stone walls with no gates but only narrow passages
  9. High natural cliffs of the plateau on which the city is located, the single path upwards protected by the defenders
  10. Seemingly undefended city actually surrounded by a death zone of traps both magical and mundane (peaceful visitors met at the edge and led in and out by professional guides for a fee)


Where's your armor, soldier?! 
(from here, but I don't know where Hill Cantons got it)

  1. Small pack of death-ray wielding homunculi
  2. Hastily conscripted beggars & petty criminals, used as canon fodder to buy time for fleeing richer citizens
  3. Trained bears – armored and armed with poleaxes
  4. A cabal of experienced wizards (half of which are starting to grow senile)
  5. Highly trained ballista crews
  6. Sabre and lance wielding horsemen, dressed in bright colors and fond of making seemingly random charges
  7. A small fleet of airships carrying arquebusiers
  8. Local dragon, concerned with fate of source of tribute
  9. Fanatical religious sect members – not terribly efficient in combat, but numerous and desperate to fight to the death
  10. A small group of veteran soldiers and engineers who will wait for the enemy to enter the city and then engage in urban guerrilla combat