Deities & Priesthoods: An'nana

Try not to look at her directly for too long (from here)

Also known as the Divine Progenitor and the Shining One, An'nana is one of the oldest deities around, being a parent to many of the younger gods and godlings (and even a few heroes). While An'nana changes gender often and at will, the deity's motherly personality and preferred appearance (that of a glowing young woman) lead to the mortals also using the title Caring Mother for her.

A "priestess" at her daily work as a blacksmith (from here)

An'nana acts as a deity of parenthood, fertility, nurturing and health. She doesn't have a rigid hierarchical priesthood as such, and since people who directly worship her tend to form small family-based communities, usually the "priest" or "priestess" is simply a leader of the community, who enjoys An'nana's gifts simply for being a decent and caring sentient. Because of this, most of the An'nana's priesthood are usually also farmers, blacksmiths, masons, carpenters and other simple, hard-working folk. When not at work, they spend their time taking care of their families and helping out those in need - especially orphans.

An'nana rewards her worshippers for their kindness and caring with good health and fertility. Her "priests" also get some healing and curse removal abilities. This comes on top of the fact that the worshipper communities are generally very healthy both physically and psychologically and tend to treat people both on the inside and the outside of community with respect and care.

In game

A general worshipper of An'nana will be simply a happy and healthy working person (most prefer rural life, but there are also urban communities) - a good way to reflect this would be decent physical stats. A leader of a community, as an acting "priest", works pretty much as a cleric, but is restricted to light armor and can only use healing spells and those that deal with removing disease and curses.