Hoarding Hedge-wizard's Horrible Habitat

Because so many mages, and especially hedge-wizards have a tendency to have bizzare laboratories stuffed with magical paraphernalia, it makes sense that many of them would have a hoarding problem.

Roll d8 for whatever may hinder you while visiting a home of one of these weirdos for some reason.

(From here)
  1. 1d4 scrap golems (formed of residual magic field and random refuse) aggressively defend a corner they consider their territory. (Scrap golems are from Varlets &Vermin. But you could come up with your own.)
  2. A stairway leading downwards has filled with random crud. Seems like regular floor, but if entered from a side without actual stairs, one tends to sink through the stuff. Roll d6 on subtable.
  3. A crate of 1d6 unlabeled potions of unknown origin or purpose. Might also be expired. Have fun with this one - I recommend this table.
  4. Giant friggin' cockroaches. At least 3d4 of 'em.
  5. A disgrunteled homunculus-in-a-jar is trapped under some random garbage. Will offer information if freed. Has 50% chance of having gone insane, in which case the information will be absolutely useless.
  6. A corner stuffed with stacks upon stacks of old arcane science journals. 10% chance of finding new useful spell. 10% chance of triggering random spell effect if disturbed. 5% of journals animating and behaving like a swarm of small flying creatures - such as bats.
  7. Moving seemingly valuable item (staff, robe, book – whatever) releases disgusting mold spores. If inhaled, chances of being: 25% - halucinogenic, 10% - poisonous (save or die). If not either, then trigger coughing and sneezing, wasting time and attracting attention.
  8. Precarious stack of junk. If fighting nearby, 10% chance of collapse. Randomize combatants affected, does 2d6 damage to each.

Stairway crud subtable

1-3. Sticky crud. Works like quicksand
4. Light and large and properly unsupported things. Works like a pit, except there's stairs out. Falling damaged still applies, though.
5. As 4, but there's something jagged or spiky and hard on the stairway. Works like spike pit trap.
6. As 5, but there's also something smeared on the jagged thing. Works the same, but there's also 50% chance of non-lethal poison, save or take 1d6/hour for 1d6 hours.